Green Deal brings opportunities for the Finnish transport sector

The European Green Deal, European Commission’s roadmap for making EU’s economy sustainable across all policy areas, has become clearer also for the transport sector. The publication of EU’s Climate Law, preparations that have been started in the European Commission on the Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility, the Renewal of EU White Paper on Transport Policy, and the EU Energy Taxation Directive are all important for the transport sector. In the first half of the year 2020, these documents are highlighted also in the agenda of FinMobility, the leading voice for Finnish transport organisations in the EU. “Green Deal offers something for each organisation and sector that we represent: transport, infrastructure, automotive sector –  The environment and climate targets concern every policy area, and our objective is to bring the Finnish point of view strongly in the EU level discussions”, says Inari Kurvinen, advisor for EU affairs for FinMobility. Inari adds that “Green Deal is a package that will entail certain obligations for the transport sector, but the opportunities it creates are incredibly beneficial”. Sustainable mobility in the EU Green Deal